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"Every bitch out here in a flower crown and some musty ass shorts, takin’ selfies."

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Blur - Song 2

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I love this so much

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This is Ruthie. Ruthie was born without all the functions of her liver, and she’s having a rough time. When she was a baby, a doctor took part of her small intestine and made a little patch up for the missing parts of her liver. But this is only temporary. 

Ruthie needs an organ donor, and her operation will cost  around $500,000 dollars. Her family can’t pull that money, so all they’re asking for is $40,000 dollars.

With your help, Ruthie can have her surgery. Without her surgery, her body will soon outgrow the patch she has in place.

If you want to donate to Ruthie’s surgery, click here.

If you want to send a check, click here.

If you want to donate and find companies willing to match your donation, click here.

If every one of you donated 1 dollar, Ruthie’s surgery would be paid for in no time.

Ruthie and her family need all the help they can get, Ruthie already had hospital bills piling up, as every time she has a fever, she has to go to the hospital and get her blood checked for bacteria, then stay there for a few days.

Ruthie deserves a life outside of the hospital, and even if you can’t make a donation, it’d help so much just to signal boost this and reblog it. 


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me when i find out i have a substitute for my worst subject 


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